Arrival at Hidden Treasures Childcare Center

Please leave your cell phones in your vehicles and give your child your full attention during the transition from home to school.

Parents are required to sign child into the center on the Center Parent Sign in Sheet located at Hidden Treasures Childcare Center. Parent must turn their child over to center staff before exiting the center.

To help decrease the spread of viruses, please assist your child in washing his/her hands when arriving in the classroom.

Please don’t sneak away, but help your child become engaged in the ongoing activities in the classroom. This may require planning a few extra minutes each morning, but will greatly benefit your child’s transition into the classroom.

Special Requests

Parents must follow the policy for Administering Medication if the child is to receive medication during the day. This should be taken care of during arrival time.

Parents are requested to notify the teacher or Director if there are any special needs or instructions for the child’s day. Special requests must be submitted in writing and may include but are not limited to health issues, family situations, alternative pick up person, early pick up time, or any other issues the center should be aware of to best meet the individual needs of the child.


Parents are requested to notify Center Name if a child will not be in attendance that day. This notification will assist us to more effectively maintain appropriate child staff ratios.

Parents are requested to notify the center if their child is ill. This notification will assist the center to track any illnesses that may occur at the center. Information regarding illnesses will be shared on a need to know basis.


Parents are requested to notify the Center Director if their child has a communicable disease so that parents of children in the classroom/center may be notified. Only information about the communicable disease will be shared. The center will follow the center’s Confidentiality Policy and procedures.

The center conducts a health check on each child upon arrival to the classroom. A child may not be accepted into the center if staff deems the child is too ill to attend or is contagious.

Termination/Withdrawal from Hidden Treasures Childcare Center

The center reserves the right to terminate child care services at any time, with or without cause.  Child Care services may be terminated for willful destruction of property, if the child poses a threat to the safety and welfare of other children in care, physical or verbal abuse by the parent upon the Center Staff, insufficient funds that are not repaid promptly, refusal to follow center policies.

Two weeks written notice is required from parents that are withdrawing their child from the center. Parents are responsible for any fees if proper notification is not provided.

Any past due balances are due on last day of enrollment. Balances remaining after 30 days will be referred to the center’s collection agency.

In the event that a child is absent for two consecutive weeks, without proper notification to the office, the child will be considered withdrawn from the program and the reserved classroom space will be filled. All tuition and any related charges are due and payable during this two-week period. To re-enroll, normal registration/supply fees will apply. The child will then be considered for enrollment upon space availability.

Pick-up Policy

Parents or authorized adults are required to sign the child out of the center on the Center Parent Sign In/Out Sheet located at Hidden Treasures Childcare Center.

The parent or authorized adult is responsible for supervision of the child once the child has been signed out of the center and must walk their child to the car. 

Parents are requested to handle any center business (payment, conferences with director, etc) prior to checking the child out of the center.

Authorized Pick Up/Emergency Pick Up

Only authorized persons listed on the Authorized Persons for Pick Up form are permitted to have access to your child and to remove your child from the center.  The following procedures apply:

  • It is the responsibility of the registering parent to notify the center in writing of all persons authorized to pick up your child from the center.
  • Parents are required to complete the Authorized Persons for Pick up and emergency form at time of enrollment. Only persons listed on this form will be permitted to remove the child from the center.
  • Persons on the authorized list but are unfamiliar to the staff will be required to show proof of identification with a picture I.D.
  • Changes/updates to the Pick-Up list must be made on the original DCF form located in the office. 
  • Individuals must be at least 18 years of age in order to sign a child in or out of the center. 
  • In an emergency, the center will contact the parents first. If the center is unable to reach the parents, the staff will call the persons on the listed form until someone is reached.

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that an authorized person is available to pick up the child on time.

If a parent or authorized adult appears to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs the staff will attempt to contact the other parent or authorized adult on the pick up list. Center Name does not have the right to deny the parent access to their child but the staff will contact the police immediately if the center is not able to contact other parent or authorized adult to pick up child.

Attendance Policy for VPK

Child must arrive in the VPK classroom no later than 9:00 AM daily. Child must participate in VPK activities until 12:00 PM daily.

Children who arrive late or leave early will be counted as absent on the VPK attendance form. Parents must call the center if child is going to be late or absent. If a child is absent for five consecutive instructional days he will be dismissed from the VPK program.

Absences and tardiness may be excused under “extraordinary circumstances” if appropriate documentation is provided. These include

a) Hospitalization of the child, his parents or guardian (must provide a doctor’s note).

b) Illness of the student, his parent or guardian that requires the ill person to remain at home (must provide a doctor’s note).

c) Death of a member of the student’s, parents’ or guardians’ immediate family (obituary or death certificate required).

d) Court ordered visitation (court documents must be provided).

e) Parent or guardian’s military deployment (military documentation must be provided).

A child may not miss more than 26 days per year for illness. A child may not miss more than 35 days per year regardless of circumstances.

Parents must complete and sign an attendance verification form EACH month. These forms will be distributed on the last instructional day of each month and must be signed and returned to the office the same day.

Children who do not meet attendance requirements will lose VPK funding. The child may be allowed to remain in the classroom, but will be required to pay full tuition.